Professional Writing & Design Services

As a long-time professional journalist and business writer, I have produced for my clients nearly every form of written communication known in the business world. My services fall primarily into these three categories. (Click on them to learn more.)

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Instructional Design & Training Programs

During the past 24 years, I have worked with large businesses to design, develop, and implement employee training and customer education programs in every instructional medium, from self-study text, facilitator-led seminars and workshops, audio and video-based training, to "e-learning" — training delivered via computer CD or the Web.

My expertise is in the instructional design process, not a specific subject, so I have created training programs in an incredibly wide range of subjects — from leadership skills to software training, from how to set up vegetable-growers' cooperatives to how to manage retail stores.

Here are a few examples of comments I've received from clients over the years:

"Thank you for the excellent job. Four of our large centers have sent their compliments and indicate their employees really love the layout and design of the materials."

"The new course is great. It is really high-quality material that gives a very good overview and understanding."

"Great first draft! You really picked up the concept well."

"Thank you for all your flexibility, and talents, and experience, and support, and humor throughout this entire project. I felt greatly relieved and confident when you came on-board."

"When you write, you capture ideas which are in minds, and enable others to understand them. And most importantly, you find the soul and essence of what should be there."

"What can I say? Terrific! I would buy it."

My instructional design business is incorporated as Interactive Inc., which is co-owned and operated by my business partner, John Rudeen.

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Website Design & Development

The Internet has provided a venue where I can combine my love of words and images into a single creation.

Since I began designing and developing websites in 2003, I have created a wide variety of sites. For each one, I have combined graphics, words, and user-friendly layout to produce a site that vibrates with the personality of the organization it represents.

Using PhotoShop for the graphics and (X)HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP for the functions, I have designed and programmed these websites (some of which are still in process):

Heartland Healing Alternatives

Website for Heartland Healing Alternatives

Click to view the Heartland Healing Alternatives website.

Joyful Transitions

Website for Joyful Transitions

Click to view the Joyful Transitions website.

Interactive, LLC

Website for Interactive, LLC

Click to view the Interactive, LLC website.

Cezanne's Carrot Literary Journal

Website for Cezanne's Carrot Literary Journal

Click to view the Cezanne's Carrot website.

Unity East Spiritual Center

Website for Unity East Spiritual Center

Click to view the Unity East website.

Delicious Conversations

Website for Delicious Conversations Radio Show and book

Unity Minnesota

Website for Unity East Spiritual Center

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Nonfiction Books, Magazines & Articles

Journalism was my first career out of college. For two years I worked as a reporter and editor for the River Falls Journal, a weekly newspaper that had employed me part-time through high school and college. I was a general-assignment reporter, columnist, and feature writer. One of the most popular features I wrote was a series of articles on the community's history. These stories were later gathered and reprinted in a book, River Falls: A Frontier Community Grows Up, that was sold out almost immediately.

The next five years, I moved to a regional daily newspaper, the Eau Claire, WI, Leader-Telegram, starting as copy editor and moving to various section-editor positions before being named city editor. During that time, I also joined with two other journalists to edit and publish a regional magazine, titled Clearwater Journal, whose mission was to publish high-quality articles and photos dealing with the environment. During the years I worked for the two newspapers, I also was a "stringer" (freelance reporter) for St. Paul, MN's daily paper, the Pioneer Press, which published many of my news and feature stories.

Most recently I completed a 300-page hard-cover book, Panics to Prosperity: 100 Years of Community Banking, which tells the story of a community bank in relationship to the region it served and the larger economic and political events that affected it. The book, which was commissioned by the First National Bank of River Falls - Prescott, will be released in 2008.

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