Some of My Favorite Links

Writing-Related Sites

Writers In The virtual Sky, my blog reporting on the writing community and resources and opportunities for writers in Second Life and other online virtual worlds.

Cezanne's Carrot is a literary journal that publishes short fiction, creative nonfiction, and visual art that celebrates the universe and the human experience in uplifting, revolutionary ways. At Cezanne's Carrot, words and images explore the higher aspects of human nature, the integration of inner and outer worlds, and the exciting threshold where the familiar meets the unknown. We support the growing genre of literature that openly explores spiritual, transformational, visionary, and contemplative themes.

The Writer Magazine: The Writer has been my primary, ongoing source of writing information, advice, and inspiration since I was in high school (and that's a LONG time ago!!). Since the advent of the Internet, not only do I read their monthly publication, but I also check out all the great information at their website.

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Astrology Sites

Personal Astrological Reports: As a long-time avid, but amateur, astrologer, I looked for years for a way to have easy access to my natal chart, interpretations, and transit and compatibility information — but done professionally (and without having to pay a small fortune). I eventually found a marvelous software program (Kepler, by Cosmic Patterns) with excellent interpretive reports created by highly regarded professional astrologers. I have used these reports for years for my own benefit, and because I own a license to this software, I can offer others inexpensive access to these same interpretative reports, as well as provide you with a free natal chart wheel. Check out my astrology page if you want a free birth chart wheel and/or any of these personal astrological reports:

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Sites that Feed My Office & Technology Addiction

Since I was a kid hanging out in the front office of my dad's newspaper (from which he sold office supplies and equipments to the businesses and residents of our small town), I have loved office supplies/equipment and office supply stores (or even those sections of grocery, drug, and department stores!). Everything from paper clips to typewriters would make me absolutely giddy just to run my fingers over them as they sat on the shelves. (My dad found in me a cheap source for dusting inventory!!)

As an adult with ADD, I came to realize that part of my fascination with office supplies — and subsequently, computer technology — was due to their ability to help me record and organize my constantly moving thoughts. And when I left the corporate world to become a small business owner, I found that anything that would help me organize my business (and my life!) was worth more than gold. So, as an office-supply/organizer and technology junkie, I offer you some of my favorite online "stores" for your browsing or purchasing pleasure. Online Organizing has all kinds of help for organizing just about everything in your life! I've found some great solutions here — both free advice and unique products — and it's one of the first places I turn to when the disorder in any aspect of my life gets overwhelming.

88x31 White Logo Banner   I'm also a "techie junky"! I love any kind of electronic tool that will make my life easier or more fun. I discovered a few years ago, and almost always get my electronic needs—from computers to blank disks — met by these folks. Their service is great, their shipping is fast and low-cost (and occasionally free), and they routinely offer the best deals I've found.

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(Note: I do have a business relationship with some of these websites such that I get a small commission on purchases made through the link from this page, but that's NOT the reason why I'm recommending them over their competitors. Still, you need to know I might get a tiny chunk of cash you spend at some of these sites.)